#3 The Three Amigos

backroom-staffOver the coming days Brede’s appointment was confirmed, much to the surprise of our local media who were as shocked as I was that someone of his status would be willing to join my City revolution. 

Buoyed by his addition I moved quickly to plug the other two outstanding gaps in my backroom team.


Brede Hangeland

Joining my Norwegian number two on the match day bench would be former Chelsea keeper Stuart Searle as our Goalkeeping Coach. Unfortunately closer inspection of his CV upon his appointment explained why his name didn’t sound overly familiar – it transpired he didn’t make a single appearance for the Blues during his time there and just two years later found himself on the books at Chelmsford City.

However, simply a few years sat warming the bench at Chelsea still amassed to more top-level experience than my combined squad, so I remained confident that he would still bring valuable knowledge and skills to the team (and more importantly meant that Brede and I could focus our training efforts on kicking balls, leaving the hand monkeys to their own obscure routines).


Stuart Searle

If having a former Premier League legend and a Chelsea benchwarmer on my backroom team wasn’t enough for the local headline writers, then that was all about to change with the appointment of my Chief (and only) Scout. I managed to persuade former Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Blackburn legend Patrick Andersson to join us with the task of identifying the next Messi to take Worcester City to the next level.

It took a hell of a lot of persuasion to get the former Swedish international to agree terms, but amazingly he did finally sign the same worthless napkin as had the others. The amount of add on clauses involved would likely bankrupt the club should we massively over perform this season, but I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to bring a European Cup winner to the club.


Patrik Andersson

So with my three amigos all in place, attention now turns to tomorrow’s friendly against Stourport Swifts, and my first opportunity to run the rule over the squad I’d inherited…


Photo of Brede Hangeland by nicksarebi /  CC BY

Photo of Patrik Andersson by Håkan Dahlström /  CC BY

Photo of Stuart Searle by Action Images / CC BY

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