#3 The Three Amigos

backroom-staffOver the coming days Brede’s appointment was confirmed, much to the surprise of our local media who were as shocked as I was that someone of his status would be willing to join my City revolution. 

Buoyed by his addition I moved quickly to plug the other two outstanding gaps in my backroom team.

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#2 Fresh blood


On reflection, perhaps getting rid of John so soon after my appointment wasn’t the best decision. 

Not only is my Chairman now visibly miffed at my ruthless treatment of someone he obviously cared for, but more importantly it’s left me with quite a gap in my backroom set up.

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#1 First day at the office


‘Second portable cabin on the left after the Mint Lounge. Door will be open.’

Folding the offer letter back into my pocket I paused for a moment as the grim reality of the situation hit me like the distinctive aromas stinging my nostrils as I made my  approach along the Birmingham Road. I cursed my ignorance. Despite the club finding a temporary home in the north of the county, I had naively expected to remain based in Worcester which suited my loathe of commuting. As it is, I now face a daily 29 mile round trip to a plastic shed in Bromsgrove and I’m starting to doubt whether my request for an antique mahogany desk at the interview was taken seriously.

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